Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Whopperettes

Once again, Burger King has done it again. I first noticed it when I went to a Burger King and they had placemats and posters for the Whopperettes. It's basically a dance number with women dressed as the different parts of the Whopper, even the ketchup. I liked the costume designs. Clever. I mean, how do you design a costume for a slice of tomato? Nice job. I never thought I'd say that a slice of onion looked hot, but it does. Then I went to the website, and it's...interesting. You can make a show where the parts of the Whopper jump into place, and even watch the commercial which apparently inspired it. It's nice and showy, very retro. I like it. Not nearly as weird as the Subservient Chicken. I especially like how they made dance numbers out of washing lettuce and grilling the hamburgers. I can't help thinking this isn't the cast members' finest moment, though: "What was your last dancing job?" "I was in the Whopperettes commercial. I played the ketchup."


Mauricem said...

Man, that's wild stuff. Burger King's commercial's are all worth talking about. I like the build your own feature. It even randomizes what the parts do. That's cool and it fits in really well with BK's message of "have it your way".

Monkey Migraine said...

I wish I could find the original posters I saw. They were awesome costumes. Never thought I'd find a slice of onion sexy

Mauricem said...

Man, I'll take your word for it. :)