Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Just Blaine Boring: Drowned Alive

David Blaine did a new special Drowned Alive where he tried to break the world record for holding your breath. Not sure how entertaining that little episode was be. "It's five minutes and thirty-four seconds. He sitting completely still, not breathing. Now this is edge-of-your-seat excitement." David Blaine - didn't he used to be a magician? Since when is holding your breath a magic trick? Unless he does some sort of trick, disappears, and reappears underwater. This is at least more of a trick than living on water in a bubble over the Thames River. But Harry Houdini he's not. His latest commercial describes him as a stuntman. That seems more accurate than "magician," but I don't even know if holding your breath can be considered a stunt. When I think stunt, I think jumping a motorcycle over school buses or leaping off a cliff. I don't think that "stunt" will be showing up in the next Mission: Impossible. How about we just call him "weirdo" and be done with it?


Mauricem said...

Ha! What a loser. It just goes to show he's running out of ideas.

Convo of the future
Blaine: Hey world! I'm going to spend a week under a rock!
World: So?
Blaine:...and then I'm going to break the world's record for stretching.
World: So?
Blaine: ...and then I'm going to break the world's record for eating hot dogs.
World: So?
Blaine: ...and then I'm going...eat a bucket of pug testicles?
World: Yeah okay. I'll watch I guess.

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

That sounds like a good idea for a show.

Fear Factor