Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Bad Samaritans: David Sharp Dies On Everest

So this is where the world has come to...David Sharp, doing a solo climb on Mount Everest, collapsed because of lack of oxygen. Forty people passed the dying man, including double amputee New Zealand climber Mark Inglis, but none of them did anything to help him. Even Sir Hillary, the first man to climb Mount Everest, calls it a crime that no one helped this poor soul. These days, people care more about fame and themselves than a fellow human being. The saddest part is that the dying man told his mother being leaving that he would be okay. He said, "You are never on your own. There are climbers everywhere." He forgot to add, "But they won't care about me."
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Mauricem said...

I heard about this and can only assume it's a lot different being in a warm room reading about someone passing a dying man on the top of a mountain than actually being there. I can only assume I wouldn't have done the same, but then, I can't really say.
One article said a sherpa did try to stop, but that they almost died trying to help him. That may or may not be true.
Very sad though.