Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Trouble With NetFlix

Okay, I'm on the verge of taking back all the good things I said about Netflix. That's because I think I've discovered their little secret. For the first two weeks, they've established a pattern. I mail them a DVD, it takes a day to get there and for them to process and ship out the new DVD, and a day to get it back. That was a three-day turnaround.

The two-week trial period has expired, and lo and behold, things have changed. Stay with me. I mailed out one DVD on Saturday morning and two more on Sunday. The first one should have gotten there Monday and the other two today. I check my email to find out when I get my next DVDs. For some reason, the next DVD in my queue isn't coming until Saturday, four days from now, a week after I mailed it. And if you think that's normal, then explain why the second and third DVDs in my queue are coming on Thursday, two days before the first one, even though they arrived at Netflix later.

What's it all mean? Call it a conspiracy theory, but I think they have a secret way of cutting costs. How do they stop people from getting too many DVDs per month and costing them in postage and DVDs? Just ship out DVDs at a slower pace. I think they saw how quickly I was getting DVDs and something kicked in to slow me down. I don't think there's anything in my contract with them that says how quickly they send me stuff. I'll check. But I think technically, they don't have to send me another DVD all month if they feel like it. It's up to them, and I'm very upset. I had big plans for those DVDs.


Mauricem said...

That is interesting

Mauricem said...

That would be a huge gap in the system. At least Blockbuster doesn't tell you when you can come in and rent a DVD.
Thanks for the heads up.