Friday, July 30, 2004

The Average Catwoman Movie Review

"Catwoman" is a tail that is less than "purr-fect!" The fur flies when Berry and her "cat-star," Sharon Stone, get into a catfight over beauty products. Soon, Berry is shaking her tail as the superhero Catwoman! Did the director expect us to take this seriously? They must be "kitten!" While Halle Berry might be catnip to her fans, she would have "tabby" Garfield to save this pile of kitty litter. With special effects that are more like a hairball, there's nothing that keeps this one out of the doghouse! Berry should have paws-ed before she took this project or at least put an escape "claws" in her contract. This "meow-vie" is a "cat-astrophe!" Cat, cat, cat, cat. Cat.


Monkey Migraine said...

What's up with the bad cat puns movie reviewers are using for "Catwoman?" And if you think I'm exaggerating, here are some samples from actual movie reviews at Rotten Tomatoes:


Bad kitty! Very bad kitty!

This cat doesn’t purr.

A stinky hairball on the soiled rug of the summer blockbuster schedule...

Get out the kitty litter.

There's no reason to believe it [bad comic movies] will ever stop, although the great big furball coughed up by the current Catwoman should cool everyone's jets for another decade.

Savour it guys and gals alike, because every odorous frame before and after that sight can be safely consigned to the litter box.

And as the title character in the new film "Catwoman" she is purr-fectly delicious.

Mauricem said...

A rule of thumb in Hollywood should be to never name a movie something that could lend itself to a clever pun. With all the bad buzz, movie reviewers had three months to come up with titles for their review.
Silly though.