Saturday, July 10, 2004

Anna Kourni-Who?

With one stroke of the racket, Maria Sharapova became the winner of Wimbledon two weeks ago. She also made everyone forget about Anna Kournikova. In fact, to me, she makes me wonder why Kournikova was ever popular. Sure, Anna was cute, but she rarely won her tennis matches. It was more about her appearance, not her skills. With Sharapova, not only is she beautiful but she has the Wimbledon trophy to prove her skill. She's the whole package, and I have a huge thing for her now. The only downside is that Sharapova was raised in America, so she doesn't have a Russian accent. Just as well. That might've been too much for me.

I saw her beat Serena Williams and it was a thing of beauty. Truly one of the great matches of all time. The idea of this hardcore American tennis pro like Serena being beaten by a relatively unknown Russian teenager was epic. Serena Williams versus Maria Sharapova...that was a match not only for the eyes, but the senses. The fact that I hate Serena Williams added to the flavor.

I'll never forget the cold, narrow-eyed glare that Sharapova gave Serena right before the hit the ball on her serves. It was a look of "I'm gonna get you," as if Sharapova were about to punch Serena instead of whack a ball at her. I wish I could get a picture of that. But contrast this photo of her on the court with this photo of her at a fancy dress ball, and you'll see the amazing combination of beauty and drive that she has.

I liked this combination gallery and profile of Sharapova best.

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Mauricem said...

Indeed. She is a woman of great charm and beauty. I'm not into tennis, but I am into cute women, so maybe it'll be the cross-over they need to get guys like me to start watching.