Thursday, March 06, 2008

Side Effects Are Mild: Drug Advertising and Me

It's allergy season and I'm considering what medications to take to relieve the misery. I consider myself a fairly independent thinker. I pride myself in trying not to be swayed by other people's opinions or peer pressure. So why have I been considering taking Zyrtec now that it's gone over-the-counter? Or trying Nasonex? Because I saw advertisements for them. My logical side is telling me to review all my options instead of just going with what I saw on TV. My emotional side is saying, "But the computer-generated bee with the voice of Antonio Banderas says Nasonex could be the drug for me!" I guess I need to follow some more advice - check with my doctor to see if it's right for me. And where did I get that advice? From a computer-generated bee with the voice of Antonio Banderas. I can't win. But at least USA Today says I'm not alone.

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Mauricem said...

I hate how all these drug commercials say 'talk to your doctor', because I can only imagine how those conversations go:
Patient: I need a prescription for Fluogenox.
Doctor: ...I don't think you need to take that.
P: I saw a commercial that says it will relieve my stomach pains.
D: But you're a man. You don't even have a uterus.
P: I don't care. I want it.
D: According to your medical records you've had problems with ulcers. Let me write a prescription for Parafinin.
P: No! Fluogenox is right for me!
D: Well. Okay I guess, but you know about the side effects right?
P: Sure! Happiness and joy!
D: I was thinking about the "certain sexual side effects".
P: Are they serious?
D: You tell me. Chemical castration ok?