Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please Kill Tim: State Merchandise

Well, I've dipped my big toe into the wonderful world of making your own T-shirts at Cafepress. I was shocked to discover a distinct lack of T-shirts for MTV's The State, so I'll be making quite a few of those. The first one is "Please Kill Tim." If you don't get it, you need to check out that sketch. Trust's hilarious in context. And if you wear it, make sure you don't wear it around someone named Tim.


Mauricem said...

I do remember that sketch! My favorite part was the room full of people and the final check of his pulse. Classic. Nice t-shirt too. ;)

Monkey Migraine said...

My favorite part was when the priest comes in and protests the "blasphemous prayer." And then inexplicably joins in. And of course, the immortal line, "What they don't know is that me and God...are like this!"