Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Patriotic Colors: Coloring to Support the Troops

It does get boring in a call center sometimes, so people come up with ways to amuse themselves. For a while, some people were using coloring books and crayons. What I found absolutely bizarre is that they would collect up the pages they colored and send them to the troops in Iraq. Why would the troops in Iraq want these? I imagine them opening the envelope and finding all these colored pictures and saying, "Isn't that cute? All these kids drawing us pictures." Not realizing they were colored by forty and fifty-year old men and women.


Mauricem said...

ROFL. That would be hysterical. I guess they've got find some way of justifying it.

Mauricem said...

Dear Sir,
Awww. Isn't that cute. He can barely stay in the lines. Wait...Dr. Elliott?
Soldier in Iraq

Monkey Migraine said...