Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ouch: Rapex

Warning: This story contains sexually explicit language and is intended for readers over the age of 16. Underage children or adult males with weak constitutions are advised.

A woman in South Africa has developed an anti-rape device called Rapex. The woman inserts the condom-shaped sleeve into herself, and if a man tries to penetrate her, sharp hooks lining the inside of the sleeve will attach themselves to the penis. Once "attached," the device cannot be removed except by a doctor. The purpose is to a) stop the rapist and allow her to get away, b) force the rapist to go to a doctor and be identified, c) punish the rapist for trying it in the first place.

The device has triggered a wave of criticism. I don't oppose it myself. I just think it's kind of wacky. Sounds like a Saturday Night Live sketch. It also sounds sadistic, but since I'm not a woman, I won't pretend to have a say in this matter.

I'd be interested to see the first situation of this thing actually working. But wouldn't rapists start checking their victims to see if there was a Rapex in there? "Now let's see...hey, what's that?" "Oh, that's nothing. Go ahead, climb on. You're losing daylight." Then again, that assumes rapists are smart enough to think of that. It's truly a sad world when women have to insert mousetraps into themselves every day just to get through life. And what's to stop unhappy wives or girlfriends from slipping one of these in? Man, you better come home on time, fellas.

Note: The official site for Rapex doesn't seem to be working anymore. Here's a link to a story about the product at MSNBC.

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Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

I think it's a great idea. They should also start putting steel-jaw bear-traps in women's cleavage.

Jessica Rabbit

ferdinandodamiani said...


Jessica said...

Wish I'd had that in college. :/ I'd still be a virgin, prolly. lol But, seriously, I love this idea. It's about damn time we (women) got tough with those rapist bastard cowards! Good for her, whoever she is. She deserves a medal.

Mauricem said...

Man that just freaks me out. Not that it would ever get me, but the thought of those hooks piercing the johnson. Yeeeeagh! The thought makes me cringe.
On the other hand, they deserve whatever they get, and it just might make a rapist think twice.
"Gee, she's walking funny. Wonder if she's got a Rapex. Better not risk it."

glomgold said...

Maybe the woman could put a cigar cutter in there. That way the jerk's raping spree will be over for sure.