Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Fun With Memes: Google Needs...

I've heard recently how all the hip blogs do memes. In my continuing quest to catch up to what 90% of the Internet already knows, I'm going to give it a try. Here's one I got from glomgold's blog, God Has Wheels:

Just enter your name along with the word "needs" into Google. It'll bring up a bunch of random websites that contain that phrase. Take those phrases and respond. Pretty interesting. I tried it with my real name, but have replaced it with my nickname, because I don't trust you people.

Monkey Migraine needs to be examined, as he is probably not using sufficient preventer therapy. - Says who? I'm loaded with preventer therapy.

Monkey Migraine needs your help - True, I do need your help. I'm trapped in a fortune cookie factory.

Monkey Migraine needs to act fast or it could be his last season at Burton. - Oh, no! Not my last season at Burton! Wait...I've never been to Burton.

Monkey Migraine needs to look great - Already do. *shining fingernails*

Monkey Migraine needs to step up soon - Hey, I step up every day. It's just that everybody else steps up, too, so you never notice it.

Monkey Migraine needs a home ASAP - This cardboard refrigerator box is getting drafty.

Monkey Migraine needs healing vibes too please - Please send them FedEx.

Monkey Migraine needs help to quit smoking - First I need help to start smoking.

Monkey Migraine needs that helping hand - Preferably one that's been washed first.

Monkey Migraine needs blood - It's true. I'm Count Migraine, bleaahh!

Monkey Migraine needs to work on quality control - First, I need to work on controlling quality.


glomgold said...

I don't think a single interesting thing came up when I tried that.

Mauricem said...

Memes are crazy when they work right. Pretty funny monkey-man.