Saturday, December 03, 2005

COTF: Face/On

Everybody sneered at the premise of the movie Face/Off, about a criminal and a cop who switch faces and lives. But the medical world was shocked this week over the first successful face transplant. This truly is a new world, one that could lead to an age where faces can be exchanged or replaced with ease. What would that world be like? Sounds like it's time for another...

JOE: Hey, Bob.
BOB: Hey, Bill.
JOE: No, I'm Joe. Bill died yesterday. I got his face.
BOB: Oh. Okay.
JOE: You don't mind that I got Bill's face, do you?
BOB: Uh...
JOE: Because I really needed it.
BOB: Well...I guess so.
JOE: Thanks. But I don't think it'll be permanent. Turns out my body's rejecting Bill's face.

Dear Sir,

A story about a face transplant and no jokes about me? You're slipping.

Michael Jackson

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Mauricem said...

HA I love those conversations of the future.
Incidentally, I was amazed when I heard about that one as well. The really tricky part though, is not the technical, but the psychological aspects of the procedure.
One question though...why don't they do boob transplants? Just take the ones from the breast reduction surgery and pair them up with the breast implantees. Otherwise it's just a waste of good breast to me.

Monkey Migraine said...

That is an excellent idea. Get a woman who complains she's too small, get a woman who complains she's too big, switch 'em around and there you go. Otherwise, all those boobs go in the trash...what a waste. Maybe donate them to lonely men.

glomgold said...

Yeah, I mocked Face/Off when it came out, though it turned out being a decent movie. I don't know why but the RSS feed from your site stopped working for me. I thought you hadn't posted in a long time.

Monkey Migraine said...

I didn't even know I had an RSS feed until last month. I still don't exactly know how it works. I'll fiddle around and see if that fix it.