Saturday, December 24, 2005

Muscle Top: The New Carrot Top

Carrot Top is one of those comedians who's become a punchline. "That guy makes Carrot Top look like Sir Lawrence Olivier." I actually like Carrot Top. He's a funny guy. Well, those 1-800-COLLECT commercials were pretty lame, but a guy's gotta pay the bills.

But apparently, all that ribbing has gone to Carrot Top's head. Or more specifically, his muscles. Have you seen the latest pictures of him?! Warning, this picture may cause brain damage from trying to accept the idea of muscles on Carrot Top. Or from trying to accept that Carrot Top makes you feel inferior, physically. He looks like somebody put the Wendy girl's head on Vin Diesel's body. I think this was a mistake. It's hard to laugh at someone who could kill you with his bare hands.

Bonus: I got this photo from which has an article on this, and the debate in the comments are hysterical.


Y said...

Holy crap! Carrot Top is BUFF!

Not sure how I feel about that, it kinda scares me.

michellesarah said...

Holy shit! It's my brother in law!

No, but seriously, my brother in law IS a red head, and he IS all buff. I think red heads have image problems that they can solve only by becoming beefcake. I knew a set of twins at high school who did the same thing. Freakay!

MMuscle said...


glomgold said...

Aha! I coulda sworn the guy's arms looked bigger in one of those AT&T commercials but the thought of Carrot Top as a tuffguy seemed too inconceivable. I guess not. I agree. Imagine getting beat up by him. Happy holidays.

Mauricem said...

If I got my butt kicked by Carrot top I would tell no one. That's like being beaten up by Pippi Longstocking.

On a related note, I was reading an interview with him in "Stuff" magazine where he explained what happened. He said he was working out and someone asked if they could take a picture. Next thing he knew it was all over the place. There was even an article in his hometown paper about his pants (he says it's cause he has no butt). At 150 lbs though, he insists he's not as big as the pictures make it seem.
It doesn't explain the eyeliner though...

Jay said...

Carrot Top's funny.

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

Carrot Top has never taken steroids. Period. I do not know how to say it any clearer.

Raphael Palmeiro

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

I think Carrot Top is making a good career move. Muscles helped me.

Joe Piscopo

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

I think it was a mistake. Muscles can only take you so far in this world.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mauricem said...