Sunday, June 05, 2005

Urine Disposed

What's up with guys who wanna talk to you at the urinal? When I go, I go to do business, not have conversations. But some guys will greet me, ask me questions, like we're standing around a water-cooler instead of hunched over a drain with our units hanging out. I'm just not that comfortable. Sometimes I'm in there and I hear guys come in talking, do their business talking, and leave talking. To me, going to the bathroom is like a bank job; you wanna sneak in, get the job done, and leave with as little notice as possible. When people start talking to me, it feels so bizarre. It's like eating lunch while somebody wants you to go dancing. That should be a public service announcement - "Talking and peeing, they just don't mix."


Mauricem said...

That's why I'm a 'stall man' myself.

Mauricem said...

I just got the title...he he