Thursday, June 09, 2005

IMDB Updates

The best celebrity and entertainment news on the Web, bar none, is the Movie and TV News section at the Internet Movie Database. Here are some tidbits:

The Pink Panther remake has been moved to next February. Apparently, the trailer they showed at SW III backfired, causing a lot of negative buzz while test audiences and early reviews have panned it as well. Here's hoping they can somehow salvage it. I really do want to see a new Clouseau movie, even if it is Steve Martin.

There will be a Simpsons movie. The writers and actors have been signed on, and the project is underway. Best of all, they won't stop production of the regular series to make it. Personally, I can't imagine anything they could do on the big screen that they haven't already done, but who knows? Maybe we'll get to see Marge naked or they'll reveal that Smithers is gay and where Springfield really is. All I know is, if it's Simpsons, I'm there.

1 comment:

Mauricem said...

Marge naked...verry disturbing.
I have mixed feelings about the Simpsons movie. While it would be cool to do, it really does seem unnecessary. Are there really that many jokes they can squeeze into 90 minutes? Sometimes they have trouble with 30.

Pink Panther...I just saw the standee in the lobby. FEBRUARY? It must have been one lousey trailer. Wonder if I can find it?