Sunday, August 08, 2004

They Really Wanted To Play "Halo"

A quadruple homicide was discovered in Florida, four people beaten to death with baseball bats. When they found the culprits, they discovered the motivation for the crime...the four people stole the killer's X-Box, so he rounded up his friends and took it back the hard way. What a world we live in. I mean, I want to play Chronicles of Riddick, too, but not that bad. And they say videogames don't induce violent behavior. I'd hate to see what this guy would do to someone who stole his car.


Mauricem said...

Dear Nigel,
Some people take things way too seriously. There's no excuse for violence over a game.
Mike Tyson.

Mauricem said...

The crazy thing is the ages of the victims: one was 36 years old! Can't six people pool together enough money to just buy a system? Was it really worth it?

Monkey Migraine said...

Mike for X-Box thing, it doesn't make sense to kill someone over it. Probably more to the story. But it's a good story