Thursday, August 05, 2004


After owning the Daredevil movie DVD for months, I finally got around to checking the special features. I couldn't believe it. That DVD is jam-packed with stuff I didn't even know about. I realized I never even looked at the second DVD included with the package.

I'd heard that "Daredevil" has a great documentary, and it's true. I was expecting the usual whitewash - "It was great working with the director," "It was great working with the actor," "This is going to be unlike any movie ever made / the greatest movie ever made." Instead, it was a remarkably candid look behind the scenes. They discussed how scared everyone was about the director's inexperience, showed the arguments over Daredevil's costume, showed the CGI team complaining that they weren't given enough time and money to make good special effects, etc. It really gave a sense of how chaotic the movie's production was and how much it was a labor of love with acknowledged flaws. And that was just the documentary. Check out the full list of additional material.

What really blew me away was a music video for Evanescence's "Bring Me Back To Life." It drove me crazy thinking of how hard I tried to find that video online when I literally had it sitting next to me for months.

Bottomline: Great DVD, okay movie (at least, I liked it).


Mauricem said...

I have got to borrow that DVD! It was a good not great movie, but the scenes with his blind-vision were excellent.

Monkey Migraine said...

I thought it was a great portrayal of Daredevil, who I always liked as the underdog superhero. He makes Batman look almost normal. Bruce Wayne is dark and brooding, but he arms himself with high-tech weaponry, then goes home to his mansion and his butler. Daredevil kicks butt all night with a cane and no eye-sight, then goes home to his slum apartment and lousy practice, and tries to figure out how to pay his next bill. But the movie was flawed by a) Ben Affleck, b) too freakin' depressing, c) too much focus on Elektra, and d) well, pretty much no focus on anything else. But Daredevil himself was great. I'll lend you the DVD.