Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Animal Lodge

For centuries, men and women have feared and wondered about the secret society known as the Freemasons. Apparently, we had nothing to worry about, because the Freemasons is just a fancier version of a frat house. This was proven by a recent incident during a Freemason initiation ceremony, where they carried out an ancient ritual known to the rest of us as hazing. They blindfolded a guy and claimed they were going to shoot cans off his head. The other guy was supposed to fire blanks from a fake pistol while they knocked the stuff off his head. Of course, being the genius Freemason that he was, the firing Mason used a real gun by mistake and killed the guy. The articles don't say if the Masons were drinking, but I'm willing to bet they were. So this is the mighty Freemasons? Just a bunch of old guys drinking and pretending to shoot cans off people's heads? I wonder if the next ritual was going to be the administering of the all-powerful wedgie. There's a pretty good Newsday article that puts the incident into perspective.

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