Friday, February 13, 2004

Flashback Friday: Doctor Snuggles

This week, we go a little farther back but hopefully improve on last week's debacle of "SuperGran." Today, we celebrate the cartoon show, "Doctor Snuggles." I only have vague memories of this show, but fond memories. I remember getting up early on Sunday mornings (real early...maybe 6 o'clock or earlier) and watching this British show about an eccentric inventor named Doctor Snuggles. I thought he was named Professor Snuggles, but the official website corrected that. Not hard to find, actually. Turns out Doctor Snuggles' cartoon show was cancelled, but he lives on with a series of picture books.

What I remember best was the Doctor's drilling machine. It was like a submarine, except it had a drill-bit on the nose and two mechanical legs (with sneakers, of course). When he wanted to burrow underground, the machine would get a running start on the legs, then dive into the ground, burrowing with the nose. I wanted one of those so bad. I used to draw up plans for mechanical drill vehicles all the time. He had lots of other great inventions, but I can't remember them. I think this short-lived show seeded a lot of my inventor-lust when I was a kid.
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