Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The Big Show

I'm sorry I taped over that episode of "WWE Smackdown," because in retrospect it was pretty good. They did a Royal Rumble, which is probably one of the greatest ideas in wrestling. I told you about it, where every 90 seconds a new wrestler enters the ring and the only way to lose is to get thrown out of the ring. Well, very quickly the ring was jammed with seven or eight wrestlers, all beating the crap out of each other.

But there was a moment that is so classic it should be in a clip show. Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Takishi, all of them are pounding each other. The clock counts down and everyone is counting along with it. "5...4..3..2..1!"

And then we hear the song, "Weeelllll....well, it's the Big Show!"

The crowd goes nuts. And I swear, every wrestler in the ring freezes. They all look at the entrance with a mixture of fear and horror. And the Big Show comes out and starts walking down the path towards the ring. Not running, walking! And all these big, tough wrestlers that were flipping and punching each other start backing away. It's a wave moving to the far side of the ring, the wrestlers cowering in terror at the prospect of the Big Show coming at them.

Then they start yelling and gesturing, obviously making a plan to work together. As the Big Show steps up to the ropes, the wrestlers are united in a common goal...keep Big Show out of the ring. They all rush and start pushing, shoving, punching Big Show as he struggles to hang onto the ropes. He's got seven guys all piling on him.

Then Big Show just sweeps his arm out and sends all the other wrestlers flying like bowling pins. He climbs into the ring and just starts beating them all down.

He didn't win, though, and yeah, I know it was all scripted, but it was a great moment. The Big Show is the man all other wrestlers fear. He's cool. Andre the Giant would be proud.

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