Thursday, February 05, 2004

Christmas for Men

I've never been a big fan of the Super Bowl. Not a fan of any sports, of course, but the Super Bowl seemed to me the ultimate expression of everything stupid about sports. A bunch of guys programmed into watching a pointless game commercialized to death. But this was the first year I actually followed sports through talk radio, and the first year I watched the Super Bowl from beginning to the end. And I finally get it.

The Super Bowl is not about football. It's Christmas for men.

By that, I mean that the Super Bowl is the only holiday for guys. I don't think anyone can argue that most holidays are geared towards women. Not many men I know look forward to hanging tinsel on trees or tying bows on presents. But the Super Bowl is just testosterone through and through. It's a day off devoted to eating, drinking, and screaming surrounded by other men. It's all men want out of life.

I actually found myself looking forward to the Super Bowl, so much that I seriously considered watching the three hours of pre-game coverage. I compromised by watching only one hour. And I picked the Panthers to root for, because they were the underdog (only disappointment of the game).

And I loved it. That might be because it was a great game by everyone's standards, but I know I'm going to try a Super Bowl party next year. This time, I might even hold it at my house. B.Y.O.B.

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