Saturday, September 15, 2007

Meltdown: Britney's VMA performance

You know, it's easy to pile onto Britney Spears after her disastrous performance at the 2007 Video Music Awards. Which is why I like it. It's easy.

I personally was not too surprised. Her actions over the past year shows she's far too unstable to go back to her old pop princess self. I seriously doubt the old virginal, church-loving singer-dancer Britney ever existed at all, but was merely a creation of her PR, which couldn't keep the cap on the bottle for long.

The question to me, though, is why she melted down so publicly in the first place. Couldn't someone have stopped her? The answer is no. There's an article on MSN that brought together all the theories and facts that leaked out this week showing how her people couldn't stop her from destroying herself. But as far as her outfit, it couldn't have been that bad: for all day after her performance, all of Yahoo Photos' Most Viewed photos were of her.

Britney is Chaotic
Unlike A Virgin
Britney Spears is an Idiot


Monkey Migraine said...

As if all that came out wasn't bad enough, it also turns out that Britney's somewhat defined stomach muscles were just airbrushing with fake-tan. I think she might have been better served actually working out than just pretending to work out.

Mauricem said...

Y'know I watched the performance and thought "is it just me?" I didn't know if it was my knee-jerk dislike for her or something real until the next morning. Her body wasn't BAD really. Beyonce has more curve to her hips than Brit and she looks great, but the outfit was obviously designed for *someone else* and it showed. The only person that can be blamed for that performance is the woman in the mirror.
The stomach tan thing is just desperate, especially since I didn't even see any muscles.
P.S. "Britney's bungled performance drives big traffic to MTV"

glomgold said...

She still looks ok.
It's everything inside that's rotten!