Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh, Nooooo: The History of Lemmings

Ah, Lemmings, one of the greatest games of all time. If you've never played it, you missed on an experience more addictive (and more twisted) than Tetris and Solitaire combined. The basic premise: you have a group of lemmings that do nothing but walk in whatever direction they're facing. Your goal is to get them from the entrance to the exit. In-between you'll find mousetraps, pits, gaping holes, and other obstacles that have to be avoided with the help of special lemmings that will dig, build, or explode in various useful ways. Back in the day, Lemmings was so addictive to me that I had to delete it from my computer just to get back to a normal life. You can play a version of the game at If you have a Palm Pilot, you can even download a freeware version of the original Lemmings. But did you ever wonder how the game came to be? Neither did I until I stumbled across an article by one of the game's creators. It's a remarkable window into game development at a time when a handful of people could create a multi-million dollar game all by themselves. Once you're done reading it, go back and email 3D Realms on why their company of hundreds can't get Duke Nukem Forever out the door in seven years.


Mauricem said...

Thanks. That was a really fascinating article. It's amazing how a simple concept can become such a sensation. Todays games are so much more complex now, but it's nice to see the classics. BTW I played the Palm version of Lemmings and found it infuriating because of the small screen. Still fun to play though.

Monkey Migraine said...

Try the link at, that's a spot-on reproduction of the original

glomgold said...

I'll have to read that article later. I loved that game!!