Monday, May 21, 2007

Lost Week: Michelle Rodriguez Outed?

Thus begins Lost Week, an entire week dedicated to one of my favorite shows, Lost, leading up to the season finale. I had a lot of plans on what this week's posts would be, but this one dropped right into my lap this morning. It's not strictly about Lost, but it does involve one of the former major characters, Michelle Rodriguez. It seems that Curve magazine, a popular gay magazine, put Michelle Rodriguez on their cover, infuriating her because she feels she's been outed. She posted a long and somewhat rambling post on her website's forums that does the "I don't feel I need to define my sexuality" bit. On Curve's part, they point out that they didn't actually call her gay in the magazine, so it seems her response is a bit premature.

Now regular readers of my blog know I already addressed this last year. People who don't want to be called gay shouldn't let photos of themselves flirting with women get around. Frankly, I'm surprised she thought this was still a secret. Her current girlfriend Kristanna Loken already blew the lid off this last year. I hate when celebrities treat the public like they're idiots. Whatever.

Resident Lesbo: Michelle Rodriguez


Mauricem said...

Hmmm. Actually, I find it interesting that I haven't found anything concrete on her sexuality. The picture could just be of her giving her co-star a hug, which about as definitive as two women dancing together at a club (could be gay but maybe not). As for the article by her 'girlfriend' it is in on a gay and lesbian site so it could be biased. She says she likes men and has a lesbian following she doesn't discourage so who knows? The most interesting thing in that forum is that she's a "newbie" on her own fan site. LOL

Monkey Migraine said...

Hey, never noticed that "newbie" thing.

As for her sexuality, I tend to think anyone who says "it doesn't matter what I am, I'm not defined by labels" is gay. Since when does a straight person not want to be defined by labels? And those pictures were taken long after her movie was finished shooting. And Michelle never actually denied that the rumors were true. And since the magazine never actually called her gay, I find the amount of panic evident in her post suspect. Me thinks she dost protest too much.

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

Mauricem is right. Just being seen with a member of the opposite sex and being accused of being gay and being hyper-sensitive to being called gay doesn't actually make you gay.

Tom Cruise

glomgold said...

I thought Curve was a gym for overweight women?