Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Movie Rules: Masters of Disguise

Movie Rule 227: All disguises are perfect.

Ever notice how easy it is for someone to disguise themselves in a movie, particularly in spy movies? They just slip on a mask of the person they're trying to disguise themselves as. And the mask is always an exact copy of the person's face that somehow matches the shape and contours, no matter what the real person's face looks like underneath. It's also made of a flesh-like material that looks completely realistic, right down to the slightest pores, that will fool anyone even on close inspection, including the target's family members. It will also instantly adhere to the wearer's face perfectly to match all facial movements. And as if all that weren't enough, the mask can removed quickly and easily by just tugging it off at the neck. How exactly is that possible? When you think about it, that makes the face-transplant surgery from the movie Face/Off seem shockingly realistic.

Examples: Charlie's Angels, Mission Impossible I, II, III

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Mauricem said...

Yeah, I've thought how realistic masks are before, but I've never thought about how easy it is to remove. Usually, they don't need any emulsifier or gum remover or anything. Just peel and pull.

glomgold said...

I was just thinking "Face/Off" but see, Nicholas Cage fools the brother by calling him by his 'code name'. "Bro". hahaha

I think I need to see that movie again. But not, say, Big Momma's House.