Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Top Ten Reasons We All Hate The New Cardinals Stadium Name

The Arizona Cardinals finally sold the naming rights to their stadium. And the new name is...University of Phoenix Stadium. Now there are a lot of reasons why people hate this name, besides the fact that everybody hates company-sponsored stadium names. Here are the top ten I've heard.

10. Nobody cares about the University of Phoenix.
9. Everybody hates the name except the Arizona Cardinals.
8. There's no good mascot for the University of Phoenix. No bobcat for that stadium.
7. University of Phoenix Stadium has eleven syllables. Bank One Ballpark had four.
6. There is no name recognition. Everyone is going to shorten it to "UOP Stadium," which defeats the purpose of name recognition.
5. Does anyone want to call it "U.P. Stadium?"
4. The University of Phoenix has no athletic program, so it has nothing to do with sports.
3. They did it for the money, which is going into Bidwell's pocket, not the team.
2. They slapped "Phoenix" on the side of a building designed to promote and celebrate Glendale.
1. They spent fifteen years complaining about playing in a university stadium, then when they got a new stadium, named it after a university.


Mauricem said...

Amen. Dumbest stadium name ever. Someone said once that despite all the other reasons the main reason stadiums do it because it's easy money. When someone comes up to them and says I'll give you 12 million dollars a year to rename your stadium it's hard for them to pass it up.
I'll bet Phoenix is laughing it up. How many people are going to get lost looking for the UOP stadium in Phoenix?

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

We agree, that's a terrible name for a stadium.

Signed, Park, Minute Maid Park, Enron Field, National Car Rental Center, and General Motors Place