Wednesday, September 06, 2006

News Updates From the New Yuk Times

Breaking news from the New Yuk Times:
Fans Disappointed By Lack of Irony In Steve Irwin's Death


Monkey Migraine said...

Going along with that is the controversial article by Germaine Greer criticising Steve Irwin.,,1865124,00.html

Mauricem said...

LOL. I thought the same thing about his death! All of the ways he could have died, who knew he'd go out in such a wierd freaky accident. What would have been really ironic would have been to find out the stingray had been put there by the crocodile that he wrestled while he held his baby daughter. Also, that there was a note attached to it that said, "He's a big one isn't he!"

Mauricem said...

Top Five Ironic Ways Steve Irwin Could Have Died
5 - Two words: Outback Steakhouse
4 - Mistakenly shot as a poacher while trying to film his new documentary "How to eat fried Bald Eagles".
3 - Tripped over his daughter while trying to get her to ride on a crocodile's back.
2 - Fatally stabbed in a knife-fight with Crocodile Dundee
1 - Hit by a large Austrailian bird called Crikillius Giganticus, also known as a "Crikey".