Monday, September 04, 2006

Down the Rabbit Hole: Larry Wachowski

What do a pre-op transsexual, a dominatrix, and Matrix Revolutions have in common? Larry Wachowski. Of course, we all know Larry Wachowski, co-creator of the Matrix movie series, but we know virtually nothing about him. And that's the way he likes it, because he seems to have a lot to hide. Rolling Stone did an investigation on just why he disappeared, divorced his wife, and hooked up with a cross-dresser. The answer is here...and a more disturbing and twisted story I have yet to read.
Warning: Contains adult themes and language. Reader discretion is advised.
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Mauricem said...

Freaky isn't even the word I'd use to describe it. I'm not sure that there is one. I need a shower just from thinking about it.

Monkey Migraine said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure if I should post that one, but I thought it was an important chapter in the history of the Matrix. I mean, the movies showed the Wachowskis clearly had an obsession with leather, but who knew?

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

That Larry Wachowski sure is freaky.

Marilyn Manson