Monday, June 19, 2006

Adwatch: Nike' Likes Big Butts

Nike has created a new ad campaign which praises big butts and thighs. It's supposed to show that there are a wide variety of body types, not just the lean stereotypes in commercials. You can view the ad at Adrants. To me, this ad is quite clearly aimed at black women. I've never heard a white woman say these things, but have heard plenty of black women say them. Oddly enough, even this commercial is controversial on both sides. Some people say it's offensive to portray an unhealthy lifestyle as positive, but others say it doesn't go far enough because it portrays an athletic big butt, not a regular big butt. Boy, those big-butted women are never satisfied.

UPDATE: I've added the actual ad to this blog post, in case Adrants takes it down.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Too true.

Sir Mixalot

Anonymous said...

Wow such ignorance! You people obviously know nothing about the black woman and her physique. Although we do range in size, we usually have more developed gluteal muscles, making our butts larger whether we're in shape or fat. The only difference between a fat and inshape prominent rear end is that there is more adipose tissue attached to the gluteal muscle (Oh, thank God we don't have flat pancake asses instead!). So the portrail of the athletic butt is indeed healthy and politically correct. So can you know? Get educated.

Monkey Migraine said...

Uh, not sure who you meant by "you people." I never said I agreed or disagreed with the portrayal in the photo, just mentioned the debate. Get educated.