Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Not Brad's Baby: Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

I was flipping through the tabloids and the National Enquirer's claiming that Angelina's baby isn't Brad Pitt's. The headline was "It's NOT Brad's Baby!" and took up half the page. Turns out she was involved with her ex-husband at the time, and an "insider" claims that Angelina did the math and thinks she might have gotten pregnant with him. If I were Brad Pitt, I'd do a paternity test. Now I really hate Angelina Jolie. What a ho. She's got the most desirable man in the world (according to some people) in the bag, and that's not enough - she's gotta sleep with some other guy. I don't really like Jennifer Aniston, but now I hope the two of them get back together, just to spite Angelina. The same article said that Angelina is trying to convince Brad to live outside the US because she's afraid he'll go back to Jennifer and wants to keep the two of them apart. Whoof, what a complicated love triangle this turned out to be. It would make a great soap opera.
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Anonymous said...

hilarious, "what a ho", lol. :D I'm sure it's Brad's, but I still think they suck. I'm pretty sick of them, I wish they'd stay in Africa.

Mauricem said...

Whoa. That would suck pretty bad. Explains the quickie wedding alright. And she did say she was sleeping around a lot.
'Course, if it's in Enquirer it must be true.

Mauricem said...

Top Tens Signs Shiloh isn't Brad's Kid
10. Brad asked about the hospital's "return policy".
9. Shiloh doesn't follow Angelina around like a trained dog.
8. The baby's godfather keeps asking to drop the "god" part.
7. After watching "Interview with the Vampire" Shiloh dares to ask, "Didn't that movie seem kind of gay?"
6. Shiloh likes to shower more than once a year.
5. The boy's first words are "Daddy" and "Sucker".
4. The shotguns at the wedding were loaded.
3. Shiloh's hair stays one color for more than a month.
2. The mailman keeps saying his package was delivered "successfully".
...and the number one sign Shiloh isn't Brad's Kid...
1. He's black

Monkey Migraine said...

Funny top 10, although some I didn't get. True 'dat to the "Vampire" seems gay" bit

Mauricem said...

Agh! Shiloh is a girl! Well, half the jokes till work. said...

I had a terrible opinion originally of Brad and Angelina, but want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Who knows the whole story right? They are doing great work globally and I love that they are adopting kids, although I think there are a lot of kids in America that need help too. As far as them selling the pictures, I say good for them. Somebody is going to take them anyway, they might as well get paid for them. Basically, the baby is a model already.