Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The McDonald's Employee Simulator

We all know that working at McDonald's is a glamorous job, but few people get to experience it in life. Until now. Artist Garnet Hertz has created the McDonald's Employee Simulator, a shockingly intricate and engaging website that accurately simulates what it's like to work at the Big Mac counter in a real McDonald's restaurant. If you can't work at McDonald's in real-life, this is the next best thing.
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Mauricem said...

I gotta say that is really, really good. Trust an artist to come up with something so clever. After making Big Macs all day, I'm left with one burning question. What's it like to make Chicken McNuggets?!

Monkey Migraine said...

Did you read the article about why he created. It was supposed to simulate the many pointless decisions we make in life, and make fun of the concept of "interactivity."

Mauricem said...

No i can't find it. Could you add a link?