Friday, May 06, 2005

Flashback Friday: Kidd Video

It's rare to find a television show that doesn't translate outside of its time period. Even The Brady Bunch, with its groovy shirts and bell-bottoms, holds up. But this Friday, let's journey back to a cartoon show that could never exist in any other time...Kidd Video. It was basically an animated version of MTV, about a group of kids who get sucked through a mirror into a cartoon world called the Flipside. Everything about this show screamed "the eighties," from the synthesizer-laden music to the fairy who looked like Tinkerbell with leg warmers. It bent over backwards to be weird. How about a car that had a mouth that opened so you could walk down its tongue and leave? Or a fairy who had to sneeze to get stronger? And of course, music videos. I haven't seen this show in years, but just my memories of it feel dated, so I can't imagine the actual program would be any better. The sad part is, once upon a time, multi-colored suspenders were cool.

The best website for Kidd Video is Kidd Video's Flipside. You can even download episodes if you have broadband. I don't, so...if you happen to have DSL and a CD burner, hook a brother up.

1 comment:

Mauricem said...

It's purely a coincidence that they just added the synopsis for the only episode I remember: the "DONOTTOUCH" cake.
Incidentally the website's cool but is shooting for an X-Entertainment feel without the humor and sarcasism.
I have to appluade the creator though, for a website devoted to a little know television show, it's very well done.
PS: "Brother hooking up" in progress.