Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Alias: 4/25/04

Well, that was an amazing episode, but also very confusing. Maybe because I was busy doing other things while the show was going on, but I didn't understand the ending. I'll get to that.

First of all, the thing with Vaughn being kidnapped and tortured was brutal, but also powerful. I don't understand why they thought he knew where the Passenger was. Did I miss something? As for his wife, when it turned out that she was only pretending to release him and said, "You're not as stupid as I thought," that was wild. But what happened to him? I didn't see him again after that. Did I miss something?

As for the Passenger, why in the world would Rimbaldi identify her by brainwaves? Couldn't the machine have just drawn a picture of her? And what a coincedence that they just happened to have a system to track people by brainwaves. She was pretty neat, though, and her reunion with Sloane was powerful. Which is why I didn't understand the end where he was injecting her. First of all, I don't understand how she was supposed to "contact" Rimbaldi. I also thought Sloane said he was protecting her from the Covenant who would give her too much of the elixir. So why was it such a big deal at the end with her giving her the elixir? Is it going to kill her?

Still a cool show, although you're right, it's getting way too complicated again. They'll have to do another reboot soon. They need to start coming up with simpler storylines.

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