Monday, October 29, 2012

"Happy Little Clouds": Bob Ross Auto-Tuned [Video]

I loved Bob Ross. A painter on PBS, he made painting look magical. With a flick of his brush, he would create clouds, trees, mountains, and streams. More than his skill at painting, Ross also made painting look fun with his constant refrain that you were the creator, and the way he would always described his creations as "happy, little" objects. He also managed to be somewhat of a philosopher when he would explain that there were no mistakes, only happy accidents. Ross was about an affirmation of the joys of life, not just painting. I never painted, but I could watch Bob Ross for hours. That's why I loved this remix of Bob Ross by PBS Digital called "Happy Little Clouds."

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Maurice Mitchell said...

Just when I thought Bob Ross couldn't be any more relaxing. :)