Thursday, October 04, 2012

To The Lady Who Honked at Me When My Car Stalled in the Middle of an Intersection [Open Letter]

Dear Lady Who Honked at Me When My Car Stalled in the Middle of an Intersection,

What is your freaking problem?! I'm driving through the intersection after the light turns green, and my car stalls right in the middle of the street, okay? The light changes red, and I'm still stuck there trying to get my car to start, and you come up at full speed on my passenger side, glaring at me like you're on a dare, then stop and blast your horn. Did you not hear me starting and revving my engine, trying to get going again? Are you so stupid that you can't grasp the concept of a malfunctioning car? Or are you so self-centered that you think your attitude will magically make my car start again? Or do you seriously think I was just driving along and just decided to stop and sit there in an intersection for the fun of it? Like what I want is to get hit by on-coming cars? How can one human being be so unsympathetic to another person's problem? What would have happened if I'd been a pedestrian who'd been hit by a car and lay there bleeding to death in the street? Would you drive up to me, then blast your horn at me like, "Let's go! Don't just lie there! Get up! The light's green! I have things to do!" I hope your car blows all four tires in the middle of the freeway while you're going eighty like you always do, because you're an insensitive witch who thinks the world belongs to you, and your car tips over and crashes and you lie there in the smoking wreckage while all the other cars honk at you instead of calling 911.



Spacerguy said...

Wow this is intense Nigel, I guess you experienced a really close shave man. You must have been like frightened out of your wits sitting there, shocked and helpless watching that speeding car racing towards you. I guess you were yelling and thought life was all over LOL! But you survived! Praise be to the Lord! Think, she could have jam sandwiched you in your own car!

Nigel Mitchell said...

Yeah, spacer, it was pretty scary. She drove at me with a look in her eye like, "I'm going to hit you if you don't move." And I'm surrounded by cars speeding around me...grr.