Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun in a Call Center: English Lessons

ME: How can I help you today?
MRS. REDNECK: Okay, I need you to get me over to somebody who’s in the Continental US who speaks English right now.
ME: Ma’am, I speak English. I’m in Tempe, Arizona.
MRS. REDNECK: Well, I can’t understand you. I can’t understand your accent.
MR. REDNECK: [background] What’s goin’ on?
MRS. REDNECK: [whisper] He says he’s in Tempe, Arizona.
MR. REDNECK: [background] Well, get somebody else.
MRS. REDNECK: Well, I need you to transfer me to somebody who I can freakin’ understand, somebody who speaks English as their native language.
ME: Ma’am, English is my native language.
MRS. REDNECK: Well, I want somebody else. Get me a supervisor.

Gladly. Like I said before, not all call centers these days are staffed by people in Bora Bora.

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Mauricem said...

Wow. I always did think you're Slumdog Millionaire accent was distracting. ;-)

Monkey Migraine said...

LOL I don't know why she couldn't understand me. Maybe my name or my allergies threw her off. But some people seem conditioned to complain.