Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Jonesin' for Heroin: Jury Duty Drop-Outs

I recently served on jury duty, but didn't get selected. I personally would like to serve on a jury...big fan of Law and Order...but apparently some people don't. In fact, two people more than others. They both did the same thing, trying to portray themselves as so horrible that they would not be suitable candidates for jury duty. And both of them went too far.

For example, Daniel Ellis of Cape Cod wrote on his questionairre that he is homophobic, racist, and a compulsive liar. On MSNBC, there's an excerpt from his exchange with the judge that I found hilarious.

Another man tried the same trick by writing that he had a "jonesin' for heroin". He also said that he had killed a man. But at least he didn't try to follow up on it when he showed up in court.

Just sit in the jury box, people. It's not that bad, and your attempts to get out of it could lead to sitting in another seat: the defendant's.


Mauricem said...

I agree. Just do your duty I say. The only thing that bugs me is the insanely long process of being rejected for jusy duty. I sat on the floor for four or five hours (literally) just waiting for them to say "never mind your excused".
As for the case of the guy trying to get out of jury duty LOL. Didn't know you could be arrested for lying though. Crazy.

Mauricem said...
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Mauricem said...

Dear Sir,
What's wrong with jonesin' for heroin?
Amy Winehouse