Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Call Centered: Spelling "B"

The following is from an actual conversation between me (a call center representative) and a very elderly and grumpy caller. All names have been changed to protect the irritating:

ME: Yes, sir, the copay on that medication is more expensive. There's another medication called Birolax...
GRUMPY: I can't understand you. You don't speak English.
ME: [pause] Sir, I'm 34 years old, I've been speaking English all my life.
GRUMPY: Well, I can't understand you. What's the name of that medication?
ME: It's "B" like Bravo, "I" like India, "R" like Romeo...
GRUMPY: No, don't spell it out. Just say the letters.
ME: Okay. B-I-R...
ME: B...I...R...
GRUMPY: I can't understand you.
ME: "B."
ME: "B" like Bravo.
GRUMPY: Don't spell it out, just say it.
ME: Okay. "B."
ME: "B!"
GRUMPY: [pause] What?
ME: [screaming] "B!!!!"
ME: [pause] Sir, I don't know how I can say the letter "B" any clearer. It's "B" like Brave or Boy.
GRUMPY: Oh, "B." Okay.
ME: [continues to spell out the medication with no problem and ends call]
CUBICLE NEIGHBOR WHO OVERHEARD THE CALL: You should have said "B" like "Butt-head."


Mauricem said...

ROFL That is absolutely hysterical. I love when people try to make it seem like you're the one who has the problem.

glomgold said...

Good lord! I can picture this old guy with the separate earpiece & mouthpiece old school phones that have the two bells on the top.
He sounds like he's too old for medicine. He should stick to leeches and bloodletting.