Monday, March 12, 2007

The Pussycat Dolls Are Strippers

The Pussycat Dolls are strippers. I know that sounds obvious, but some people seem to be confusing them with musicians. There's a TV show called The Search For The Next Doll that goes on and on about how the "next" Pussycat Doll has to be someone who can dance and sing and do both equally well. Considering only one of the original six members actually sang at all, that means only one of the original group would have passed their own competition. There's only one good thing about the Dolls, and that's the way they look. I don't know why we have to pretend it's about anything else.

Of course, the Dolls are not about stripping. They're about female empowerment, which apparently is the new term for stripping. Let's look at what "female empowerment" means with an actual quote from the group's founder, Robin Antin:

"It's about female empowerment, about being confident with who you are. It's about singing and dancing in front of a mirror by yourself and having fun."

So the key to empowering women is to dance by yourself in front of a mirror? Wow, how did Gloria Steinem miss the boat on that one? I'm sure that's what the early pioneers who fought to give U.S. women the right to vote did; dance by themselves in front of a mirror. That's something that can change the world.


Mauricem said...

Pretty silly alright and I agree completely about their lack of talent. The only skills they really need is to able to wear six inch heels without falling, walk into the camera and grind on a pole. Instead of looking to add another girl they should have started a reality show to see who gets kicked out of the group. Now that I'd tune in to see!

*Full disclosure:* I actually really like their songs "Buttons" and "StickWitU". It kills me every time I find myself tapping my finger to them but I can't help it. I'm in therapy for it though.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
I disagree with your assessment of "female empowerment". It's about accepting who you are and celebrating being a woman. The Pussycat Dolls embody that spirit and empower all other women to do the same. Thanks to them I now know my true purpose in life. Now I'm off to finish cooking dinner for my man before giving him a foot massage.

Susan B. Anthony

Monkey Migraine said...

Dear Sir,

It's disgusting the way some pop female groups will adopt the weak appearance of feminism on one hand while pandering to prurient male fantasies on the other. What message does that send to little girls?

The Spice Girls

Monkey Migraine said...

I don't care for any of their music. To me, "Buttons" is the stereotypical blunt and overtly sexual song. But even if you do like it, that's no credit to the Pussycat Dolls. It's not like they write their own songs, they just take hit songs from other people. Can you say "Dont Cha?"

lol on the Susan B Anthony comment