Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dirty Little Secrets: Video by All-American Rejects

I saw the video for "Dirty Little Secret" by All-American Rejects and was stunned. It's simple but powerful - a group of anonymous people holding up cards with secrets written on them. The secrets are intriguing like "Sometimes I think my fiance' isn't the one" or "When I eat I feel like a failure." I was struck by the idea of just walking up to people and getting them to reveal their secrets.

Unfortunately, it turns out the truth is less exciting. The people holding the cards are not the people who own the secrets. The cards were provided by PostSecrets, a blog that posts handmade postcards people send in with their secrets. But the secrets are still real and cool. This, of course, is ripe for parody - check out what happens when you type "dirty little secret" into YouTube.

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