Saturday, September 25, 2004

Paris Brands Herself

For all those rushing out to use the name "Paris Hilton," you're too late. Paris Hilton has copyrighted her name and even developed a logo. A tiara? Could she be more pretenious? Here are my top six logos for Paris Hilton...feel free to add your own.

6. A big bag of money
5. Paris stepping on a pile of homeless people to get into her limosuine
4. The words "talent and wisdom" with a line running across it
3. A four-leaf clover
2. Paris standing on the coattails of her parents
1. A white garbage bag with her face on it


Mauricem said...

10. Her plastic surgeon's name and address
9. Night-vision goggles
8. A ramora eel
7. A clock counting down fifteen minutes

Mauricem said...

Dear Sir,
People have been branding us for years.

Mauricem said...

HA great top ten list man

Monkey Migraine said...

You hit some good ones in there, too. I had a hard time coming up with ten, but you finished it.