Saturday, September 25, 2004

End of the State

Found a good article on the end of The State, written by a writer who wrote for the failed State CBS Special. Fascinating look into the genius and not-so-funny life of the famed comedy troupe.

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Mauricem said...

That article was nothing short of the "Eye of Thundarra" into The State. Brilliantly insightful. The idea of the State struggling to go mainstream in a world of quirky gags is fascinating. And looking from the outside in allowed him to question things they probably took for granted, like not laughing at sketches ("The Little Gnome Who Punches People in the Nuts" had me rolling). What it's like to be on a set shooting sketches. White paint on the TEETH?
CBS' view of African-Americans is terrifying if not ridiculously, and sadly, true.
The best part(if you can call it that), is the end when they realized it was all over. Truly moving.
I always heard The State was a bunch of jerks, and maybe they are, but they were truly talented jerks.