Saturday, September 25, 2004

Flashback Friday: Mr. Merlin

The classic Arthurian legend has lived for centuries, inspiring and enduring as the symbol of royalty, adventure, and chivalry. It has inspired countless movies and novels, and in the eighties, the legend spawned the ultimate tribute: Mr. Merlin. Somebody saw the character of Merlin and decided to update him for a new generation. But what could a wise old wizard be in our time? Of course, an auto mechanic named Max. The series revolved around him training a teenager as his apprentice and wackiness ensued. Needless to say, this wasn't exactly classic television, but I did dream of having that magic book and doing cool stuff. And check out that cool staircase. Not much out there on this show, but this one is good. You can even hear the opening theme song. The only dedicated Mr Merlin site I found is in French, which isn't that bad thanks to Google's translation. So the French love Jerry Lewis and Mr. Merlin.

  • Barnard Hughes played Merlin, and also performed in such classic roles as the I/O Port in Tron.
  • Clark Brandon played Zachary Rogers. He continued to act for nine more years and was never seen again.
  • Merlin's superior Alexandra was played by Elaine Joyce, who also hosted the Dating Game and stuff.
  • Instead of a sword in a stone, Zachary had to pull out a crowbar from cement.
  • The French version of the theme song is completely different and totally lame.

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Mauricem said...

I vaguely remembered it until I heard the themesong. It all came back in a rush. When I was a kid I thought magic was like being a superhero. You had these fantastical powers and abilities, but didn't really worry about how it was possible. So, yes, I wanted to be Merlin's apprentice too. Great stuff.