Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Calvin Minus Hobbes 2.0

The beloved comic strip Calvin and Hobbes portrayed the relationship between a young boy and a tiger. Readers hailed the love of their magical friendship But what if Hobbes really was just a stuffed tiger? What if his relationship was all in his imagination? What if Calvin was on the edge of madness? The original controversial series Calvin Minus Hobbes showed us by simply replacing Hobbes in every cartoon with the stuffed version of Hobbes. The creator eventually found it too depressing to continue, so I've taken up the torch. I'll be updating the page with new cartoons approximately whenever I feel like it.


Maurice Mitchell said...

LOL That is surprisingly depressing.

Monkey Migraine said...

Yeah, that's why I said it was controversial. In the original, I was surprised at the number of angry comments the creator got. Like genuinely angry. I realized there were two ways to read the comics. One is that Calvin had a magical stuffed animal that only he could see, like toy story. The other is that it was all in his imagination, which makes Calvin slightly deranged. Most people apparently read it as the former, and get upset presented with the latter. I always read it as the latter