Friday, April 18, 2008

Destroy Humanity: Pandemic Game

Ever have one of those days where you wanted to just wipe out ninety percent of Mankind, and leave the survivors bleeding from every orifice and facing the prospect of survival in a nightmarish post-Apocalyptic world where they wished they could join the dead? Well, now you can with the Flash game Pandemic. It's sort of a strategy game where you have to evolve (upgrade) your virus to spread as quickly as possible while killing as many as possible before Mankind manages to contain the spread. Some helpful hints:
  • The first few turns, it will look like nothing is happening. Don't worry about it. Just keep clicking to the next turn until people start dying.
  • In the beginning, focus on buying traits that will spread the disease quickly like waterborne contamination.
  • Remember, the quicker people notice your plague, the faster they'll start trying to contain it. So hold off on buying internal hemmoraging until it's already too late.
  • Once the infection has spread to all continents, crank up the lethality.
  • Germany is almost impossible to infiltrate if the pandemic didn't start there. I suspect the programmers are German.
  • This game will leave you feeling like scum. Enjoy it.


Mauricem said...

Surprisingly fun game considering the content. So far I have managed to kill 50% of humanity, but the countries close off their borders before I can get started. Curse the CDC!

Mauricem said...

Dear Sirs,
This game is incredibly unrealistic. Everyone knows the United States government would stop a major tragedy like this within 24 hours.
Michael D. Brown