Friday, February 15, 2008

Memo to the Wallpaper Guy

This is for the guy (or guys) who keeps putting wallpaper images on the public computers in the employee lounge: Every now and then, you change the wallpaper background on the computer to pictures of sports cars, airplanes, and pictures of your pets. You may be wondering why you come back and the wallpaper is gone, replaced by the generic Windows background. That would be me. The reason is that these are not your computers. Maybe you like to have pictures of Porches and DC-10s on your computer, and that's fine. Put it on your own computer. When you go to the public restrooms here at work, you don't change the wallpaper on the walls. And when you use the computers in the lounge, don't go messing around with them. I'll continue to change anything you do back until you get the message.


Mauricem said...

Yeah, that's kind of a bugaboo of mine too. Some people just have trouble realizing the computers at work were purchased by the company for the company and they don't have any more ownership of it than they do of the desk their working on.
I usually don't worry about it until one person had a screensaver of a shooting trip they took recently. That's when I had to contact HR.

Monkey Migraine said...

What gets me is that it's a public computer! Why would they think we want to see their pictures of pets or planes? Planes? How many people even want a background of a jetliner on their own computer, much less a public one? Why should I look at that crap because they choose to put it on? That's just selfish.