Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pants On Fire: The Missing Pants Lawsuit

I've always been a defender of the so-called "frivolous lawsuits" trumpeted in the media as another example of the law system gone wild. Usually, these lawsuits are more complex than they seem. The crown jewel, the so-called McDonald's hot coffee lawsuit, was in fact a case of a woman getting severe burns requiring surgery. That said, the recent case of a man suing a dry cleaners for $54 million for losing his pants is exactly what it seems, if not worse. The worst part, to me, is that the plaintiff is a judge. He should know better. This gives all lawyers a bad name, as if they had a good name to begin with.

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Mauricem said...

Yeah, I was sympathetic at first. Until I heard the tearful response from the poor little dry cleaner owners who can barely afford the lawsuit, much less the $54 million judgment.
I didn't know that they had banned him from the cleaners before though. If they were stupid enough to take his business again maybe they deserve what they get. I dunno.

Monkey Migraine said...

Fortunately, sanity prevailed and the dry cleaner won. Now we just need to get the judge stripped of his license.

Jo-Homebody said...

I hate people who try to find loop holes and then just sue the fire out of people who slip up on accident! i think they should jail the man who sued those people!!!!!!