Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catfight: Annika Sorenstam vs Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie pulled out of a tournament in North Carolina a few weeks ago, complaining of an injured wrist. Famed LPGA player Annika Sorenstam pointed out what, I think, are some fairly suspicious aspects to Wie's "injury." First of all, she was playing so badly that if she had gotten just two more bogeys, she would have been barred from the tour for the rest of the year. Plus, Wie was seen practicing on a golf course just two days later. I personally applaud Sorenstam for saying what we're all thinking - that she faked the injury to keep from being humiliated. Wie may be pretty, but she needs to be a better golfer to be respected, especially if she plans on playing against the men's tour like she tries (and fails at) every year. Apparently, even she knows it because Wie's already said she won't be playing the PGA this year...for the same injury. Right. Now I know it's sexist to call this a catfight, just because it's too women arguing, which is why I'm doing it. Mrreeow, get out the saucers of milk!


Mauricem said...

Schwing-ding-ding-ding-ding! Rarrwww!
Yeah, it's pretty silly. I (marginbally) supported her at first, but it's obvious she didn't think it through. In the end it only helps the cause of those who complain women shouldn't be in the PGA. Next time stand up for a cause you can actually succeed at Wie!
By the way, you missed a perfect opportunity to title this "Wie would like to play."

Mauricem said...

Dear Sir,
Please don't blame us for another Wii wrist injury.

Monkey Migraine said...

Doh! I can't believe I missed that title.