Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006: Big Things That Went Bust

TIME Magazine lists the "5 Things That Went From Buzz to Bust" in 2006. I wasn't surprised about Snakes on a Plane, but the PS3? Glad I didn't get one. I feel better knowing that the success of the Nintendo Wii over the Sony Playstation3 took everyone by surprise, including game makers who are now scrambling to make games for a system they didn't think they would need to.


glomgold said...

That's a good sign b/c the PS3 will get games, regardless. I don't want another Gamecube fiasco where the first wave produced lots of games and then Nintendo dropped support.
Not that I'm a particular Nintendo fan, but I hate the fact everything in our world now in every industry comes down choosing between 2 things, just so we can't call it a monopoly.

Mauricem said...

Surprising yes.

Monkey Migraine said...

Glomgold, thou speaks truth about the monopolies. You got one strong and one weak, then they say it's not a monopoly. But don't get me started.