Sunday, October 10, 2004

Randomlynx: Virtual Deathtrap

The first military submarine to sink a ship in wartime was the CSS Hunley. Created in the American Civil War, I think the Hunley is the essence of steampunk, only in real-life. The darn thing killed two of its crews, including it's inventor, so it's no surprise it didn't trigger a wave of popularity for submarines. Surprisingly, I found a very cool online virtual simulation of the CSS Hunley at the Sun-Sentinel. The feeling it creates in running it really does capture how terrifying and awkward it must have been inside the original Hunley.


Mauricem said...

INcredible. The site would be cool if it wasn't so frustrating. I keep flooding the cabin before I even get to the ship.
The nightmare ship.
You gotta love SteamPunk though.

Monkey Migraine said...

I did the same thing, but I think it was intentionally frustrating. The real submarine wasn't any less dangerous.